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Thanks Again .. McMurray & Grande Prairie …

Thanks Again .. McMurray & Grande Prairie … The oil gods once again allowed us to invade northern Alberta, do a bunch of shows and get home safe and sound. We’re just freshly back; as a matter of fact we haven’t got all the oily mud scraped from the boots yet. Some … [Read More...]


Buddy and the Maritimes

Starmy winds do blow, winter snows do fall and ice everywhere. We are trapped in a wicked season. The Maritimes are still there underneath all that slop and by the time they thaw out we'll be over, that will be in November! Ha! Hold on b'ys, don't get too uptight, shovellin' … [Read More...]


To Western Canada We Go

And Ralphie did sayeth upon to them, he did sayth, “B'ys! Where's you at?” and the b'ys did say back “We are lost in the west, we have lost our way!” and so the prophet did say upon to them, “Hang on now, we'll be out d'once!” and there was much joy in the land. Halley you … [Read More...]


Newfoundland 2015

  Our “Wring'er Out” tour continues with dates in Clarenville in May, Twilingate and St. Anthony in July, in Marystown and Carbonear in September. If you have not had the healing word bestowed upon you, if you are in emotionle or pshycologicle (like popsicle hey by?) … [Read More...]

Buddy Wasisname 17

Arts and Culture Centres in NL

Well thanks to everyone who came out to see us, What happened to the rest of ye? That's what we wants to know! We couldn't have had a better time. My cripers! Wicked. They was bawlin, then screamin' then shoutin' then laffin' then havin' organisms. Spillin' out into the … [Read More...]

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