Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


I wined you and dined you, you loved me I felt,
You opened your mouth, and out came a belch,
And getting’ romantic, I drove by the church,
I leaned over to kiss you and out slipped a burp.

I waited and waited, I waited each day
For them three little words, I want you to say
Then finally last evening, after so much had passed,
You leaned over and whispered…..Honey….

It started so nicely like a real romance should,
Your stomach was rumblin’, but you still looked good
You was squeezin’ and hurtin’, now I know you is sweet,
We was progressin’ nicely, ’till your gas found a leak.

Repeat Chorus:

You brought me back home with your Ma and your Dad
I noticed right away that the air there was bad
Now I love you, li’l darlin’, you’re the gal of my dreams,
But you and your folks eat too many beans

Chorus: repeat with last line, “Honey – I got gas!”