Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Wayne Chaulk
We travel a lot and we make a lot of friends, And recently we had an old friend
who died at ninety-seven; His name was Uncle Lo Simmons.
Here’s a song dedicated to Uncle Lo called, “The Baccy Song.”

The Baccy Song Wayne Chaulk. 1987

A few years ago when the times were rough,
Worked like a devil and you had to be tough.
Worked in the garden and you worked in the woods,
And you worked on the windy waves.
Poor Sam Drover worked for two long years,
Chopping down logs he was strong as a bear,
When he got his money and he paid his bills
He was fourteen cents in the hole; said:

Don’t mind the missus with the hole in her shoes.
Don’t mind the cold with me fingers turning blue.
Don’t mind the pantry when there’s nar bit of grub.
But it’s hellish when you got no baccy!

He walked up to the merchant with a grin on his face
Chuckle in his eye and his heart start to race
Mustered up his courage and stoked up his pipe,
And told him just where to stick it; said:


There was poor Aunt Martha had thirteen kids,
Only John and Harry they were born in the bed!
All of the others got dropped on the way
From the kitchen out to the clothesline!


So don’t try to tell me you got hard, hard times,
a dollar ain’t a dollar and a dime ain’t a dime!
Paying out a fortune just to lose ten pounds
And you’re eating five meals a day! Said: