Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Traditional: Arrangement by Ray Johnson


Tonight near the foam in my old weathered home
There’s a party for all goin= on
Tis wonderful now to sing you my song
For my dearest Bridget and John.

As I sit and play for the folks all around
And watch as they dance on the floor
Each man and his wife in the prime of their life
Forgetting the hardships endured.

And now stands a man of verse and of rhyme
His heart is brimming with joy
The tale is told to the young and the old
Spreads laughter now all around.

Some people are up and ready to move
As the music rings in their ears
They dance through the night in the soft golden light
While I think on those days gone by.

The house is now gone and so are the sounds
But the memories of days live on
And I must truly say in my own special way
I owe it to Bridget and John.