Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore & Wayne Chaulk


Verse 1.
Dear Mr. Ford, I dearly loved my van,
My ’85 F-150 was a beauty when it ran!
But it didn’t run a long, long time,
So I buried it in the ground,
Sure it makes a little bit of smell,
But it never makes a sound!

Cause things fell off and things let go!
And nuts loosened up and I was always being towed!
Things would seize and refuse to work.
And I always felt like a real jerk.
Out there on the road,
When my van wouldn’t go,

Verse 2.
I got sick of dragging it home
wouldn’t it rot your socks?
Just as I fixed one thing on it, another thing fell off!
So I buried it in the ground,
With a four inch pipe up through ‘er,
And now I got me an ’85 F-150 Econoline sewer!


Dear Mr. Ford,
Got thinking the other day;
You know myself and the other fellers kind of liked the old interior
I guess we’re willing to pay.
We’re ordering a brand new van,
With them seats custom made,
We’re going to park it on top of the sewer pipe,
And there’s where it’s going to stay!

Final Chorus:
Things won’t fall off and won’t let go!
Nuts won’t loosen up, I won’t need a tow!
Things won’t seize or refuse to work!
Though I might look like a real jerk,
Every time I got to go!
But it would pleasure me to know!
That my outhouse will be a Ford!