Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Wayne Chaulk


Did you ‘ear dis one?
Three guys on the west coast went poaching a moose
There was one in the transport truck, two in the woods
When the coast was all clear John would make the horn wail
And the boys would lug out the meat.

The plan went so smoothly, not one single nick
‘Till an officer came by and did a vehicle check
he asked John to try out the transport truck’s horn
and the boys lugged out the meat.

There are thousands and thousands and thousands of stories
Good ones and bad ones and rue ones and sad ones
And all kinds of people who can spin you a yarn, if you give them the time of day.

Did you ‘ear dis one?
A Clarenville man went to haul out some wood
But the bog in December wasn’t froze all that good
While crossing his pony went down to her gut
And it looked like ’twas there she would stay

They both struggled fiercely to fight the bog’s grip
But the horse gave up quickly despite shouts and whips
There only one thing that poor skipper could do
With his axe he would now end her pain.

But while having a smoke he was struck with a thought
With a flick of his lighter the horse’s ears caught
He pulled on the reins and she struggled with fright
And was saved from a cold boggy grave.


Did you ‘ear dis one?
The last little story you might find okay
Concerns mom and her troubles on son’s wedding day
She rose in the morning and to her dismay
She searched but couldn’t find her teeth

Without her front dentures what a rough looking sight
As the hour drew closer she became more uptight
We search and we searched and we finally found
The dog had ’em buried in the ground.