Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Wayne Chaulk



Slow things down again now Kevin
I’ll get Wayne to do another song
Called, “Down By The Ocean.”

You want me to do the thing with the capo,.. Clamp?

I don’t seem to know what it’s used for but ah…

It in heightens the pitch of your instrument, you see.

To heighten the pitch?

It’s not going to help your sex life, Ray.
Don’t look at it to hard, cocky.

Down By The Ocean Wayne Chaulk, 1988.
Oh, Lord I have travelled and oh I have roamed.
And my shoes are all worn out and my clothes are all torn.
And it’s hard to remember the places I’d been,
And there’s no way of counting half of my friends.

But now I’m down by the ocean, Down by the bay,
Don’t try to drag me away.
I’m down by the ocean, I’m down by the shore,
Let me sleep to the sound of its roar,
Let me sleep to the sound of its roar!

Well I’ve travelled the prairies and the lone western towns,
I spent a long lonesome mornings in big factory towns,
And chuckled at the quarrels over two spoken tongues,
Lived wildly and freely when life it was young.


Someday when I’m crazy and my eyes they just stare,
I might find my body a long way from here.
Well just burn me and throw me in a river that’s long,
And let me float to the ocean to the words of this song.