Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Wayne Chaulk


Wheels just turned a billion times
And I just passed a million signs
the gas tanks leaks I only got three weeks
So I’m rolling home to sputters and squeaks
In my rear view glass Cape Breton fades
But I’ll soon be rocked by the ocean waves
And I won’t recall all the miles I drove
When my wheels are cooled by a breeze in the cove.

Lord let me go just a few more miles
Lord let me go just a few more miles
Lord let me go just a few more miles
And I’ll be back home.

Where the old church bell on Sundays rings
And the kettle on the stove sputters and sings
And the cuckoo clock ticks a lot
They still listen to the news at six o’clock
And a picture of the queen hangs on the wall
Jesus loves you, a plaque in the hall.
And a cat curled sleeping by an old rag doll
It’s good to go home to see Nan and Pa


Where the crowd will be gathered by a fire on the beach
As the sun sets colourful across the reach
And the firemen’s ball in the old fire hall
I’ll drive Aunt Bessie to the Clarenville Mall
And the apple tree will be in full bloom
And the bay will be lit by a big full moon
I can hear my feet on the beach rock path
Leading up to the door to the welcome mat.