Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: First & Second Verses: Traditional Third Verse: Ray JohnsonFirst & Second Verses: Traditional Third Verse: Ray Johnson


Now Eileen O’Grady, a sweet island lady,
I’m longing to call her my own
I’ll not be contented ’til she has consented
To be Mistress Barney Malone.
I met this fair treasure while walking for pleasure
She looked up at me then she cried
Without any warnin’ AThe top of the morning’@
And then up to her I replied:

Come, come beautiful Eileen, come for a drive with me
Over the mountain and down by the fountain
Over the high road and down by the low road
Make up your mind, don’t be unkind
And we’ll drive to Castle Bar
To the road I’m no stranger, for you there’s no danger
So up like a bird on my old jaunting car.

Now Eileen said, ANo sir, with you I won’t go sir,
Don’t think it ungrateful of me;
I’d rather go walkin’ then have people talkin’
You know what my story would be.@
No Eileen, my jewel, don’t treat me so cruel
To treat me this way is a shame
Give over your blarney and say I’m your Barney
And don’t keep me waitin’ in vain.


But just a year later, when Eileen felt better
She came by and whispered to me
ANow Barney my darlin’, ’tis early this mornin’
I want to discuss this with thee.
I’m ready for marriage, we’ll drive in the carriage
And take in the view by the hill
‘Tis thoughts of a home, down near the blue foam
But Barney Malone say you will.@