Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


This island of ours is a paradise lost
to billions of nippers, flies and wasps!
Our fathers didn’t move west furthermore
There’s a million times more in Labrador!

Flies, flies, crawlin’ and buzzin’
Chewin’ and suckin’ and spittin’ and hummin’
If it weren’t for flies, sakes alive
We’d be livin’ in paradise.

They’re crawlin’ up yer nose so you cannot breathe
Gettin’ in yer eyes so you cannot see
There’s flies in your pants, shirtsleeves, and shoes
And nippin’ at your bum when your doin’ your poo!


Blue arse flies have lots of other names
What they’re called around outhouses I can’t say
They wouldn’t bother you but after the turds
They’re into the kitchen crawlin’ over desserts.


You’re lyin’ in bed in the middle of the night
You closed all the doors and you turned out the lights
There’s a buzzin’ in your ear and you swing at a fly
Missed the dirty nipper and hit the wife in the eye.


There’s flies of all sorts, ticks, bees and fleas
And little tiny buggers when you’re trying to sleep
But the worst fly to get you is not one of these
But the nip from a zipper when you finish your pee.