Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


Orange ya glad I found ya?
Apple all I do love you!
Lemon know you love me,
‘t would be grape to know you do.
Every time you a-pear with me,
And kum-quat by my side
I keep thinkin’ those old damsons
How I’d like to peel your hide!

Cause I’m fruit fruit fruit loopy over you,
The only problem sugar plum, is you’re not loopy too!
And the way you treat me darlin’, I figure all is lost
Your love for me ain’t peachy, it’s more like a squash.

Don’t worry about the kernels
Cause I’m the seedless kind,
I’d like to know you to the core
I cant’ get through your rind.
You might find me pulpy,
But you’re still a-peeling to me,
But it’s not your peel I want babe,
When I shake your fruit tree!


It might be melon dramatic
This pruny tune I croon!
You’re my raisin for livin’
You’re my passion fruit!
Be my mango tango mama,
Do my jam dance everywhere,
Reciprocate my love dear
Don’t pickle me in vinegar!