Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


Glory halleluiah, don’t that put the screws right to ya
The government and the wife drove me insane!
The wife wanted her patio and the old outhouse it had to go,
Cause the government likes to keep all crap contained!

Verse 1.
So I commenced the excavation, blew my garden to damnation,
Put a crater where my veggies grew!
No more turnips and potatoes, goodbye scare-crows, picnic tables,
Goodbye plastic pink flamingos too!

Verse 2.
So then a leeching field was added, Folks around said I was mad for
digging up all my fertile land!
Well then I took a building fit with the patio lights and the barbecue pit
To please my wife who’s got the upper hand!


Verse 3.
I added on a brand new crapper, drains and plugs and things that matter,
percolating water through the lines!
A lot of cursed smell and racket, and a mortgage in the high class bracket,
meaning I’ll be poor for quite some time.

Verse 4.
So here I sit b-b- barbecuin’, wondering what the hell I’m doing,
we moved up in society of course!
But I can’t help and think we’ve strayed, it’s more primitive in ways,
We cook outside but now we crap indoors.


Repeat Chorus: