Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


Like to go moose hunting, hunting in the fall!
Like to go moose hunting, answer the hunting call!
“Gotta get me moose b’y!”
Verse 1.
Well first to get a moose license, you apply for six whole years,
At 35 dollars a crack old man, with a partner for half shares!
And when you get the license cock, tis area 28,
Nowhere near civilization, three hundred miles away!
But I gotta get me moose b’y!

Verse 2.
To get ya where you’re going, it’s a Hilton on four wheels!
Gets easily stuck, and the gas tank leaks and something up front squeals!
We met four fellows on a trip, and we got on the beer,
They were on their way, to our back yards, and we was off to theirs!
Gotta get me moose b’y!

Verse 3:
Trottin on the bogs me by’s, with a knapsack on your back.
And you knows he’s always just ahead, the fresh buttons in his tracks!
But maybe we can hear us b’ys, or maybe it’s his snout,
I allow it’s not hard to get a whiff of we, after five or six days out!
Gotta get me moose b’y!

Verse 4:
At last we saw a great big bull, and o my what a fuss!
Fired ten shots and had to run, he started chasing us!
But when we got ?im killed me lads, I had to panch his gut,
My manly hunting instinct left, and me supper all heaved up!
Gotta get me moose b’y!

Verse 5:
Jack we got to lug him out, you were nice to have along.
But my next partner will be a wrestler, twice as big and strong!
And never again will I go out, across the bog so far,
I wait till I sees one on the road, and I’ll wing him with me car! Ha!
That’s how I’ll get me moose b’ys!