Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Wayne Chaulk


Have you ever seen a sunrise on a flat calm reach
Have you ever seen the magic of a humpback breach
Have you ever pondered the mystery of a jellyfish school
Or waded through the water in a spanietickle pool
Have you ever seen morning with twenty shades of grey
Have you peeped at an eagles nest from twenty feet away
Have you sung with your friends around a big old driftwood fire
Or floated down across the cove of tube from a tire.

All these are out there you don’t have to pay
Just open your eyes and you’ll be surprised
What you see out the bay

Have you ever seen an iceberg carved by an unseen hand
Have you watched a northeast gale when it first strikes the land
Have you taken a boat ride on a moonlit bay
Have you followed its rippling ribbon that made it look like day
Have you followed the shoreline hoppin’ from rock to rock
Smellin’ sea and feeling free never knowing where to stop
Have you ever coppied ice pans on an April day
Or have you gone beyond those things and forgotten how to play.