Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


Got a red chevette, goes like a jet
Makes hairy men sweat, makes their underwear wet,
Well you gotta be tough when you squat young pups.
It gets real rough when you ain’t got guts!
Brakes all gone, wheels on wrong,
Revolving lights where the mirrors belong,
Permit expired in seventy five, and I don’t care
(He don’t care)
Cause I’m looney!

She goes — yeow — round the trees,
That’s how you busts yer knees!
She goes — wahh! — off the wall,
That’s nothing at all!
She goes — brrr — up the road,
Sees a telephone pole.
She goes — bang — of the pole!
The gas explodes!
He shouts — Lookout!                                                                                                                                                                          Me Horn gave out!
Smacks a man off a bike!
Takes the turns a little wide
She’s opened right out,
Make wimps have doubts
And I dont’ care!
He don’t care
Cause I’m looney!
He’s looney!

A certain cop had me clocked,
Doin’ one forty five, he got me stopped.
He was big and mean, weighed three fifteen
But I didn’t notice as I let off steam,
I swore and spit, I got in a fit
He persuaded me with his billy stick
And he took my car, put me behind bars, and I don’t care
He don’t care .
Cause I’m looney!

Vocal is: Gunner Brudder, Driver ‘er Iver, Cumon John, Go Joe, Rev’er Trevor
Peel ‘er Peter, Dart ‘er Arthur, I suppose
To the floor, tie the doors, pop the clutch, hog the road,
I don’t care, I’m not all there, I’m certified.

I went to court, my trial was short
Got a hangin judge, he wasn’t a sport,
I pleaded insane, I’m not to blame,
And a real nice jury said, “it’s a shame,”
How a guy like me, unjustly,
Could be treated like that, I got off free,
I got back me car, I’m the way I are, I’m the way I are

He’s the way he are
Cause I’m looney!