Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Wayne Chaulk


You can sign if you want, you can take off your clothes
Howl at the moon or you can preach or propose
Deliver a sermon to the heathens on Mars
Hide in the ghoudy, eat fat chocolate bars

Swing from a branch hand upside down
Pretend for a moment you’re the world’s best clown
Using yellow ink you can doodle in the snow
Or give a throng speech to an old black crow.

In the woods
In the woods
Some darn good in the woods
In the woods
In the woods
You can do all the things that you should…in the woods.

You can boil the kettle eat two big lunches
Curse the boss up in heaps and bunches
Whistle you can yodel do a therapeutic scream
Blow off in the wind or you can widdle in a stream

Recite bad poetry imagine you’re a king
Fly like a robin with imaginary wings
Chirp like a chickadee or grumble like crow
You can even poke your head down a black bear’s hole.


You can make weird faced you can lick out your tongue
Imagine that you’re old or pretend that you’re young
Swim in a river or dabble in a pool
But if you imitate a cow you’d better run from the bull.

Chorus (twice)