Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


Is you ‘appy, you got to be ‘appy
You got to be 100%
Is you ‘appy, you got to be ‘appy
You got to be 100%
I suppose!

Wat’s you lookin’ peevish for
Pick yer jaw up off the floor
Was you smacked with a 2 x 4
Sure you’re not broke out in sores
You ain’t got no disease
Don’t go lookin’ for sympathy
’cause I knows if you was me
you’d be ‘appy.

And I now how hard it’s got,
And your guts is gone to rot,
And yer life is all upsot,
And yer flashin’ cold and hot,
Suck back yer nasal drip
Stiffen up yer lower lip
Yer not goin’ to be missed
So ’tis just as well to be ‘appy.


I know’d a feller once,
He was here several months,
He got round with our bunch,
We know’d he was out to lunch,
No one liked him real good,
Well his mother never could
But while he was stunned for good
He was ‘appy.

And then there’s ugly Gord,
Last year he broke out in warts,
Looks like the livin’ corpse
Girls rather kiss his horse,
Sticks like the rotten fish,
Face like the maggoty flesh
We tolerates him I guess
Cause ’tis just as well to be ‘appy.


One certain feller here,
With nothin’ between his ears,
One night he got on the beer,
Stripped off ’til he was bare,
Went paradin’ around the town till the cops tracked ‘im down,
‘e’s in the mental now, but he’s ‘appy.

Listen here take my advice,
Make sure you got no lice,
Get yerself all smellin’ nice,
Try to straighten out yer eyes
Haul yer boots up over yer pants,
Take yer partner out to dance
’cause now you got the chance
and ’tis just as well to be ‘appy.

Chorus with final lines: “I suppose, how’s yer boots, copacetic.”