Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


Well some say the world is a random place
a floating orb in outer space
Where everything’s a chance, anything can be born,
Pollinated, mutated, from sperm or spores,
well I don’t know, is there something I missed?
Well what do you think about this?

What if a hippopotamus, mated a little platypus
Their offspring would be hard to name, despite it being miraculous!
You’d have a Hippo Platy Potamus, a Hippo Platy Potamus
or a Platy Hippo Potamus, a Platy Hippo Potamus
or a Hippo Pota Platy Mus, a Hippo Pota Platy Mus
or a Pota Hippo Platy Mus, a Pota Hippo Platy Mus.

What a world it would be, what a world it would be!

What if a Rhinoceros, got together with the son of the ridiculous
aforementioned offspring thing, now there’s something ridiculous!
You’d get a Rhino Hippo Platy Puss! a Rhino Hippo Platy Puss
or a Hippo Rhino Platy Puss, a Hippo Rhino Platy Puss
or a Rhino Platy Hippo Puss, a Rhino Platy Hippo Puss
or a Platy Rhino Hippo Puss, a Platy Rhino Hippo Puss.

What a world it would be, what a world it would be!


Now to throw you for a real loop, you should throw in a kangaroo,
Get ’em makin’ babies and what do you think?
I don’t know what to think but I know what it would do!

You’d have a Kanga Rhino Hippo Puss, a Kanga Rhino Hippo Puss
or a Rhino Kanga Hippo Puss, a Rhino Kanga Hippo Puss
or a Kanga Rhino Platy Puss, a Kanga Rhino Platy Puss
or a Rhino Kanga Platy Puss, a Rhino Kanga Platy Puss

A Rhino Kanga Rossy Plut!
or a Musso Hoppy Kanga Plot!
or a Hoppy Musso Kanga Plotty Rhino Puss
I’m tellin’ you boys it’s d’dangerous!!