Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Traditional Ray Johnson principal vocal


It was Sir Walter Raleigh, I think it was his name,
Who first brought our tobacco from America it came.
He might have been a jinker, although I’d never seen,
And only for him I’d never be puffing m’auld dudeen!

Oh my dudeen, you are so good to me,
For I long to see the smoke curl up when I am through my tea.
In dry or rainy weather, my friend you’ve always been,
And upon my word I’ll never ever part with m’auld dudeen!

My sits up a- grumblin’,” Sure I takes it all as fun!
For I know it is the only way to stop that woman’s tongue.
And the devil a word I say to her, and I lets her have her fling,
While up in the corner I will sit and puff m’auld dudeen!


Now when I die come to my wake,
You’ll find lots of the old pon-tin!
And so help me Bob, it’s in me gob, you’ll find the auld dudeen!