Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


From England’s West Country and Ireland’s many counties
Working hard there were those who starved when nature proved unkind
No slaves nor servants with them
Children men and women sharing loads on common roads to service of mankind

So let’s sing of the forest and the men that came before us
With an iron will they worked until their work on earth was done
So let’s sing of the Saunders the Sweetapples and Arnolds
The toils of men which never end get past onto their sons

My grandfather died early there was never one more surely
Guaranteed eternity he was given onto God
He kept his family healthy like most they were not wealthy
And though they’d seen adversity they smiled through all odds

So let’s sing of the steam mills, the lumber and the steel
The logs they brang, the blades that rang our song is yet unsung
And let’s sing of the Burry’s, the Smart’s the Stroud’s and Perry’s
Persistence stood with water and wood and the heritage was won

So let’s sing of the schooners and the skiffs that hauled the booms and
The boats relied on wind and tide their trust in stars and sun
And let’s sing of their courage, knowledge and endurance
Of the ways of menlet’s sing again and share it with our sons
Of the ways of men let’s sing again and share it with our sons