Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Traditional


My name it is McGuire and I’ll quickly tell to you
Of a pretty girl I admire named Katie Donahue,
She’s fair and fat and forty and believe me when I say
Every time I go a courting you can hear her mother say:

Johnny get up from the fire, get up and give the man a seat!
Don’t you see he’s Mr. McGuire and he’s courting your sister Kate!
You know very well he owns a farm a little way out of town,
Will you get up out of there and be taking the air, let Mr. Maguire sit down.

The first time that we met she was the patron of Tralee
And I asked her very kindly if she dance a step with me.
She wanted to know if I’d see her home to have a cup of tea,
No sooner was I inside the door when I heard her mother say:


Musical interlude.