Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


Buddy: (blubbering)

My dog, my dog, Patsy, my dog, Patsy – gone! He went! He went!

He was some nice dog, he was. Patsy was some nice by’. Nice dog he was.

He was a purebred lab, a golden lab they called him. He was mostly white. With the black paws. Bird dog they called him, they said he was a bird dog. Never had much of a bird, it was only that long.

Nice dog though but he was, a nice dog I tell ya. He was intelligent, intelligent. You could sing out to him 25 or 30 times, he might come over. Smart, see? He was, he was smart. By he come to the end of that rope and that’s where he’d stop. He liked everyone b’y, he did, he liked everyone. He liked most people enough to chew on them a bit.

He’d eat anyt’ing at all see Patsy was good dog that way, he’d eat anyt’ing at all b’y. He eat all the decorations off the Christmas tree one Christmas. He was passing bulbs for a week. And then he had a 45 foot turd. That was the garland, hey? On the end of it the extension cord came out. He was some cute b’y, dragging his arse across the carpet trying to hook that out. Brudder plugged it in just for badness hey. He never liked that. But b’y I tell you he was some good after that I tell you. If he was being bad, you only had to show him the extension cord.

Nice dog he was, b’y nice dog. He was some cute going around and around in circles chasing his tail hey. He never caught it though, but last week, last week Brudder picked up Patsy by the tail and he swung him around and around and around. He swung Patsy around and around and around, and he stretched his tail, he stretched it that much (indicating with arms outstretched)! So this morning, Patsy was chasing his tail, and he caught it! And he was always like that, as soon as he’d start to eat something he couldn’t stop. Now He’s gone! Gone!