Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


People I know stop to say,
Hello and a hope that some day,
I’ll get electric lights and plumbing put in.
But I’m too old be changing my ways!
We never needed anything more,
Than this shack with its weather beaten door.
Though we may want the things that catalogues can bring,
Empty wishes leave a wanting man sore.

Oh the light from that old oil lamp,
Lights the way down that well beaten path.
And as memories come back from eighty years or more,
I’m going to die in my old wooden shack.

Got a horse when I was thirty years old.
And the horse lived for thirty years more.
When the lovely thing died,
I hid and I cried,
Where it’s buried there now grows a rose.
With the wood we hauled off those hills.
And traded for cash at the mills,
We bought all our needs and the animal feeds,
And there’s wood left standing there still.


I ploughed this here garden by force,
An iron will and a mighty strong horse.
Though it took a long time to replace rock with lime,
For the hardships I’m none the worse.
You see a man belongs where he lives,
He’s a part of the soil and the trees,
And when it’s all done and his life end has come,
Leave a man to rest in his peace.

(Last line spoken)