Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Ray Johnson, Kevin Blackmore and Wayne Chaulk


Newfoundland generally speaking you know
Got colorful language like that haven’t they
I mean
Anybody here from abroad who can’t understand us tonight
Don’t mind speakin up
That’s all you got to say

You were talking about Toronto over there
Weren’t you?

Yes b’y

That’s where the pace is really fast isn’t it?

Yes b’y
My son
It’s nothing when you’re in Toronto
You can’t say hello


To people in Toronto
The same way you can to people in Newfoundland


You can’t do it see because you just take the subway station for instance
Two thousand of them goes by you in ten seconds flat
In order to say hello to all them
You got to turn your Nods N’ Winks up on bust
Take the head off your shoulder
Wears out the neck too fast
I mean we were going downtown Toronto sure
For God sakes
Saying hello to this one
Saying hello to that one
But they don’t say hello back
I mean
You’re going down the road
You go, t t
“Hello buddy”

But Kevin
You do get the odd one

You gets the odd one
But very odd they are
Ah hu, hu hu hu
Hospital miracles
You know the kind
And of course there’s more
You know
“How you doing buddy?”
“Got a buck?”
There’s that kind
And of course
You know
There’s the odd one
The odd fellow that has been away to long
He’s fellow Newfoundlander who been on the streets of Toronto
And right from across the street
He comes right back at you
You see
“How you doing buddy?”
“How you getting on buddy?”
“Look Newfoundland look, ha ha ha ha!”
Ties some good there for a while there wouldn’t it old man
Come right back down to the earth then
You know

But when we left Toronto
And come on the boat
We met this incredible character
Wouldn’t he something

Yes b’y
Boys from Toronto are not that bad
It’s just that they haven’t got there
Their, their head in reality
I mean
We took one fellow down
He had a pair of pants on like scissors
And he had sort of yellow and green hair
That was sort of gone sort of like a banana on the top of the head
Kind of thing
And like we brought him down into the fish plant in Salvage and he just didn’t mix, you know.
Didn’t quite know how to get along with the b’ys
You know
You know what I’m saying
We had a fellow come down with us from Toronto
He used to poke fun at us
“Hey Newfie guy”
That’s what he called us
Because you got to watch the accent in Toronto
It’s kind of thick
“Hey Newfie guy, wow, got any big buildings back on the island like that?”
And I said to him
I said, “Yes cocky we do”, “Wha? Oh come off it, not like that.”
I said, “Yes buddy, but we lay them on there sides and call them shopping malls!”
It’s all in the way you think about it, isn’t it?
Horizontal thinking
That’s what I call it.