Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Wayne Chaulk


Uncle Henry went to Florida to satisfy Aunt Mag
Going through the airport they x-rayed his bag
They didn’t find the weapons of a hijacking man
They found thirteen bottles of partridgeberry jam.

Partridgeberry jam, partridgeberry jam
Best darn food ever known to man
Smear it knee deep on some homemade bread
Or eat it right from the jar.

Uncle Henry took the shivers and he almost passed away
Took him to emergency ’twas there he had to stay
They gave him chemotherapy and all kinds of pills
As time passed by he went further down the hill.

Now Aunt Mag got the notion she was going to take him home
Stuff him full of grub never leave him alone
She fed him partridge berries til his skin turned red
Now he’s out jiggin’ cod instead of lying home in bed.


Uncle Henry took a nap in the middle of the day
And Mag went and found him lying on the hay
The sains in his shirt was like the blood from her man
But ’twas only the juice from the partridgeberry jam.


Uncle Henry had it figured out as clear as it could be
We all need to eat lots of Vitamin C
But we don’t need the fruit from a Florida man
There’s all kinds of berries right here in Newfoundland.