Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Ray Johnson


Want to do the punk junk, out on the floor,
If you’re sick, tis a guaranteed cure!
If you’re bald, will make hair grow!
And if you’re stopped, we’ll make you go!
Swing your partner, grab her by the hair,
Off comes the wig, oh! She’s got none there!
Twirl your partner, all around the place,
Oops! There she goes, into outer space!

Want to do the punk junk, your Mother’s at it now,
Dancin’ to the fiddle, though they all knows how!
From Nain to Burin, out in their punts,
Now boys are all gone, on that wild punk junk!
Swing your partner, work up a sweat.
Don’t let him go, you’ll crack his neck!
Women, kids and men fall in,
You’ll all get up, to the punk junk again!