Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


All right b’ys, we got a bagpipe tune here, I haven’t got the pipes but I got the bag. Come on.

Ray: You mean you’re going to play that?

Kevin: No my son, no, I’m gonna hop in that and disappear.


I feel the rum’s a comin’
Haggis has loosed my plumbin’
Drank too much scotch or sumthin
Now me guts will pay

I’m not a haggis eater
I’m not a bladder beater
I’m not a pig skin squeezer
Angus Mc**** the Brave

Kevin: No sweat old man, no sweat.

Ray: Ladies and gentlemen a few days ago we were down in Antigonish and they were impressed with a joke we gave them. Why don’t you tell these people that joke?

Kevin: Oh that joke. Three fellers were up in a bar in Antigonish: An Englishman, and Irishman and a Scotsman all drinking beer, eh. Right? Right on. Now flies are buzzing around and one fly lands in each beer, eh. The Englishman asks for a spoon and very daintily digs out the offending creature, putting it to one side, and continues to coif his ale in the proper manner. The Irishman looks at his beer and says, “Faith and begorrah, a bloody fly in my beer, luh,” and dips in his hand right up to the wrist, downs whatever’s left and orders another one. “Another one,” he says. The Scotsman looks at his beer, grabs the fly by the two wings, and says, “all right you, spit it out!”

Ray: Very good.

Wayne: I see one lady massaging her jaws.