Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Wayne Chaulk


I wake up in the morning hear the first songbird sing
And through the wide-open window the air brings in spring
A rattle down the steady and the trickling stream
Is it real or all just a dream?

The sun pokes a finger through a hole in the trees
And the mist from the river blows gently with the breeze
It lifts and it bellows and vanishes like steam
Is it real or all just a dream?

The smell from the goudy all soakin’ with dew
And the green trembling aspens against the sky blue
The wood smoke from the chimney joins mist from the stream
Is it real or all jut a dream?

In my little log cabin where time stands still
Where it never much matters what’s over the hill
Where I live for the moment in rapture and joy
It’s just the cabin, the river and I.

My feet are in the river and my eyes are in the clouds
By the quiet flowing waters far from the crowds
Hills all around me are gift wrapped in green
Is it real or all just a dream?

Now the heart always lives here though the body must stroll
The mind has to come back to comfort the soul
Where the wind is the music, the voice, the stream
Is it real or all just a dream?

In the quiet of the evening, the sun sinking low
And the soft, soothing colours, tall treetops aglow
I stop … and I ponder the mysteries concealed
Is it a dream or is it all real?