Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Arch Doody & Wayne Chaulk


By God it’s good to see you
Where the hell now have you been
Kick the dust off your boots my sone
Don’t hand around come in.
There’s a bottle in the cupboard
That I got for New Year’s Eve
I say we crack her open
Polish her off before you leave.

I know you won’t be home long
By God I wish you’d stay
Sure the place hasn’t been the same
Since you moved away,
You moved away, since you moved away.

Does Maggie know you’re home yet?
I will call her if you like.
She sure was looking pretty
Atthe dance the other night.
She was there with Dave Mackenzie
He just pened up a store,
She’ll go wild once she sees
That you’re back again once more.

Carol Whittle’s daughter, Mary,
With the three young girls
Tied the knot a week ago
She married Cousin Gerald.
Have you stopped in to the pub
Or gone down to Union Hall?
Here pour yourself another
Sure your glass is only small.

This place is really changin’
Now they’ve built a brand new wharf
Don’t think they’ll ever use ‘er
Now the fishing’s gone of course.
But the tourists tie their boats up
When they sail in from the bay
Young Doody’s got a dive shop
He thinks he’ll make her pay.

Fore sure you’ll stay for supper
Mary’s fixing up a dish,
Sarah’s making apple dumplings
Stay the night now if you wish.
Are you sure you won’t stay longer
You’ve hardly caught your breath.
It was lovely grand to see you
Come again now, all the best.