Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Kevin Blackmore


Verse 1.
I am a famous person though you may not know my name,
And how is it, you may ask, I come to wealth and fame?
Well people know me for I do only but one thing,
That is open up my waggle and let my yodels ring!

I love to yodel, I love to yodel,
Weiner schnitzel, apple strudel, beer barrel polka!
I love to yodel, I love to yodel,
So-o-o, listen to the way we sing this song.

Everybody sing:
Yodel-odel-ay-ee, I’dl, I’dl, Maybe,
Gargle on some juice! Open up derr sluice, Good for a little goose!
Throat ‘ll waddle, tongue ‘ll gargle, choke ‘er little too!
This is good for you, make you yodel too!

Verse 2.
I wander round from town to town, notice when I come,
People actually show me the muzzles of their guns!
If you’re offspring see me sing, notice how they change,
Their eyes get glazed, and they seem amazed,
And refuse to engage their brains!


Verse 3.
It’s not my chest that is the best to turn the women on
Not my handsome figure nor that I am so strong, no.
I am sure what more and more all the women like
Is to watch my Adam’s apple wiggle up and down in my windpipe.

Last Chorus:
They love to see me …yodel, they love to yodel
Weiner schnitzel, apple strudel beer barrel polka
They love to yodel, I love to yodel
So-o-o, listen to the way we sing this song!

Repeat Refrain: