Award Winning Request.

On a regular basis we get an infinite variety of interesting requests – weddings, funerals, divorces, christenings, AA anniversaries, dog funerals, shed opening parties, etc. Regular stuff, right?

But a call came in to our sales office yesterday that really takes the trophy. We got a call from a very determined 80 year old lady who said she was making her funeral arrangements and there was just one detail left to do. This is priceless so I’ll try to get it right. She said that while she is lying in her coffin in the church with her family and friends she wanted Carry Me, the number 7 song on the TwoFive Cd played for her. Now here’s the kicker. She said that “the first part of the song is perfect but when you speeded up in the middle you spoiled it. So, what I wants you to do is record it again keeping the same speed all the way through. When you gets it done put it on a cd and mail it to me and don’t delay ‘cause I don’t know how long I’m going to live.”

It was compassionately explained to her that this might be a tough thing to do right now but she didn’t hear a word. “I loves da b’ys and I knows they can do anything. Thanks a lot now, don’t take too long.” She gave her address and hung up.

So, I guess one of our first jobs when we arrive for shows in Edmonton on March 1st is to do a little recording to repair one of my sad little songs. God bless you my dear, we need more like you. Hmm. You’re probably right about the song. Thanks.