Here’s a glimpse of the boys on the road.

Every eighteen months Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers do an extensive tour through the Arts & Culture Centres of Newfoundland and Labrador. They take their show to Centres at Comer Brook, Stephenville, Labrador City, Grand FaLls-Windsor, Gander and finally St. John’s. In total, Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers did thirty-five shows throughout October and November of 2002. It was their most highly attended Arts & Culture tour to date with every show being “sold out.”

Capturing the essence of the Buddy Wasisname stage show is a difficult task for any photographer. Inevitably the lighting is not conducive to still photography, even though it is fine for the stage show itself. And there are always objects like microphones and speakers which tend to clutter an otherwise good photo. Over the years, photo shoots of these guys on stage have proven disappointing, so it was with some reluctance that they agreed to let photographer Cal King make yet another attempt at that elusive goal. The most difficult task of any stage shoot is capturing the performer’s face, which goes through an unusual number of quick changes while the artist sings. In the case of Buddy Wasisname, the contortions are even more varied and rapid.


So how did Cal King do? You judge the results from three separate shoots in November at the St. John’s Arts & Culture Centre. Here are the samples we selected:

The boys start their show with “Rock Yourself On The Ocean” (Flatout, 1990):

“Diddle daw, diddle dum doo
In the middle of the week
In the middle of the day
In the middle of the summer
In the middle of the bay
Boots kicked off
Feet out to dry
Lying on the Cuddy
Counting clouds in the sky”

They move onto the bullrider skit, an in depth interview with Chuck Skyward. Don’t ask what he said!

After finishing “The Chocolate Song”, complete with gyrations by Kevin and push-ups by Ray, the Other Fellers cart Kevin off stage for a well deserved break.

At some point in the evening Wayne is compelled by the audience to perform “Saltwater Joys”

The evening is unlikely to pass without Ray doing his very popular rendition Of “Sarah”.

The boys always have time to introduce new material such as “Debra, The Flagman”.

Giving a little advice on how to maintain matrimonial harmony is not beyond the mandate of Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers as witnessed in the little ditty called “The Shed” extolling the virtues of using your shed as a shield against marital discourse – a shelter from whatever ails a marriage!

An instrumental never goes astray. The Boys are now in “give ‘er” mode.

And on it goes ………………..

(Our thanks to Cal King for the photos)

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