APPY 2018 !!
Well, 2017 is dead and 2018 is just starting to get on its feet. Last year was memorable on for us. We managed to come up with a new show, pull off 58 performances, record and produce a new concert DVD and keep body and souls reasonably intact. I s’pose that’s reasonable accomplishments for four old farts.
Three highlights come to mind. The first was the experience of filming four concerts with Barrett Klesko in Sherwood Park and turning it into The Last Laff DVD. What a hoot that was. We weren’t sure if people would buy the ancient contrivance called a DVD but, oh boy, we were pleasantly surprized.
Another bit of fun came when we played at the Baie Verte stadium with Majumder and the crowd from Burlington. What a night. I know that bunch can’t put on a party. Blackmore and Shaun on the same stage; the laughter was not fit. The deep fried squid was some good too.
The other happy, notable experience was having Zack Goudie and crew chase us around during our Arts and Culture Tour and put together a CBC documentary. It was a delight having them tag along capturing the back stage side of the Buddy machine. A lot of focus was on the people who have so wonderfully supported us over the years. It was aired on Boxing Day but can still be seen at
In the fall we got embroiled in a big old storm of speculation as to whether or not we were retiring. We’re not – at least in the foreseeable future. We did announce that we are cutting out long tours on the mainland. But, that will be after 2018. For this year we are scheduled to do three separate trips off the island. In March we are doing 9 theatre shows in Ontario. In the fall we will tour The Maritimes and also Alberta. In addition to this we will do shows in Carbonear and Marystown and will also perform at the St. John’s Folk Festival in early August. No, we’re not dead yet.
Check out our Tour Dates on this site and please help us spread the word regarding the upcoming BEST OF shows. We’re looking forward to seeing all your happy, laughing faces.
‘Appy,’ appy, ‘appy!