Buddy Wasisname 17
Well thanks to everyone who came out to see us, What happened to the rest of ye? That’s what we wants to know! We couldn’t have had a better time. My cripers! Wicked. They was bawlin, then screamin’ then shoutin’ then laffin’ then havin’ organisms. Spillin’ out into the theatre lobbies and we had to sign half a million autographs…each! Some of ’em backwards! There was Kyle Morgan in Grand Falls imitating me (Buddy) and since that was the last show in the last place we did it was like a magic wand from the hand hisself, blessing us with the certainty that all was good and all is as it should be. We live in some incredible place hey? Thanks to Joseph R. Smallwood for having the foresight back in the late 60’s to push forward to create all these theatres. What kind of place would this be now if we didn’t have them?