Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie

We're coming again! See you all in March! This time the show is a full out “Word Of Ralphie” presentation, with lots of inspiration for the lost and the idle. Come and be sove, say's Ralphie, for I am with you, or at least I'll catch up if your quad is faster. AMEN to...

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That’s right, we have just completed our 20th CD and it will go on sale on February 4th. It can be purchased through our website, in stores, and from iTunes a little later. This darling little piece of art contains tunes, songs and slugs of raw foolishness that can...

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THANKS McMURRAY & GRANDE PRAIRIE We’re just back from Alberta with feet solidly on the ground and now waiting for all parts of us to arrive. That’s what it feels like, really. The body arrives but it takes a day or two for all functions to catch up. I’m sure the...

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Buddy in the Fall

Okay. Summer is dwindling, days are getting shorter, and winds are getting harsher. Pretty soon it’ll be cold enough to freeze the arse off you and you’ll all be miserable and suffering the ravages of dark, ugly thoughts. Right? Well don’t despair. This is precisely...

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St. John’s and Gander

We have successfully performed for the ’buddy’ troops in Gander and St. John’s. We had a marvelous time in the capital, I must say. In addition to our 9 shows we went to Bishops College and spoke to and entertained a group of students. Thanks to students and staff for...

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Buddy on the Balcony!

In November we were asked to perform a piece or two for Balcony TV in St. John's. That's a world wide outfit that films entertainers performing from a balcony with a view of the city in the background. At present it originates from over 100 cities. Good old St. John's...

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So What’s New?

So, what’s new with us? Okay, we are proud to announce that we’ve survived 17 shows on the mainland. And get this, audiences increased in every venue over last time through. Yahoo! Do you know what this means? It means that we intend to continue with our fun, folly...

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Got To Get Me Moose Recipes B’y Contest

As you may know by now, in September 2012 we will be launching our new book "Gotta Get Me Moose B'y". In preparation for this launch we are excited to be offering a moose recipe contest. The 6 winning recipes will be featured in our new book and the winners will also...

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COMING SOON – Got to Get Me Moose B’ye

Well, the Stunned Earle book was successful enough for us to start working on a second one. It will be called, Gotta Get Me Moose B’ye. Kevin Tobin is working his butt off doing the illustrations and here is a sample of what you can expect. The book will be released...

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Grande Prairie here we come

Last time we went to Grande Prairie we had two completely sold out shows. I anticipate crowds again as we prepare for two more coming on May 4th an 5th.  Just a quick note, if you're reading this and want to get to the show, get your tickets soon, through Crystal...

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A Great Trip It Was

We are nicely recovered from our McMurray shows and ready to buggy again. What a great trip it was though. The audiences were wild and appreciative of our new show, the staff at Keyano went out of their way to keep us happy and wherever we went there were shouts of...

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