We're pleased to report that all three of us (and Byron) have survived the rigors of 36 shows between Sept 10th and November 20th. To the people of Clarenville, Lab West, Goose Bay, St.John's, Stephenville, Corner Brook, Gander and GFW we respectfully thank and salute...

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The Good Old Capital

The good old capital city gave us a fine welcome indeed. We just finished 10 shows which were just about all sold out and, man, it was fun. We're pretty tickled with the response. It means that all the stuff we came up with for the new  'Nar Name tour works so we...

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Over the past few months you have been given a sneak peak of the latest work in the Buddy arsenal and have waited patiently. Well, now the wait is over! Stunned Earle is back in the new release from Buddywasisname and the Other Fellers, their new book "Chainsaw...

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2011-2012 Show Dates

Buddy Wasisname And The Other Fellers are coming to town. Should you make the right choice and come to a show, here’s what you’ll experience. An American tourist flying along the TCH with a stuck accelerator calls 911 and gets a cranky Shirley Tetford. Buddy,...

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