Layout 1“Wring ‘er Out!” Feb. 2015

OK, so, we’re getting well on… some figure we should simply fall away and take
a break, head for the grave, give it all up!


Joke: What’s better than entertaining thousands of fans for 32 years?
Answer: Nutting!

No Joke! What do you want for Nutting anyway?
Eat it walrus face, we actually enjoy it!

36 shows into this tour and some things become obvious:

First: fans think we’re getting better all the time… We Are! DUH!

Second: Danger – laffing zone – pregnant people should not sit in the front row if near full term….cripers, what was that?

Third: You can actually imitate a geezer better the older you look. Proof – watch Ray.

Fourth: The Oscars, the Grammys, the Genies, the Junos, the Golden Globes, all of ’em not worth an ounce of dog turd if you can’t make someone ‘appy, then melancholy, then ‘omesick, then laffin their arse off, and ‘appy again. In the meantime if anyone has one of those awards to give out we’re here, not getting’ younger. Can’t get ’em on e-bay apparently.

So, there’s only the rest of this year left to catch the show, we’re “wringin’ ‘er out, just for you.

Come into the presence, hear the word, come and be sove!

Amen b’ys.

The Prophet Ralphie.