100% Pure (1993)

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Make ‘N’ Break Hornpipe
Ogis Blogis Mogis [lyrics]
Shinny On The Ice [lyrics]
Thank God For Drugs [lyrics]
Technicolour Love [lyrics]
The Missus [lyrics]
Noises And Faces [lyrics]
Me And Bill [lyrics]
The Hillside In September (Hector’s Tune) [lyrics]
Fitted For The Helm [lyrics]
On The Government Wharf [lyrics]
By The Glow Of The Kerosene Light [lyrics] [listen]
Take the Old Squeeze Box
On The Deep Blue Sea [lyrics]
Song For Newfoundland [lyrics]
Two Good Reasons [lyrics]
The ‘Vette [lyrics]

1 review for 100% Pure (1993)

  1. Sherry

    Absolutely side-splitting, tears-pouring–down-cheeks funny. They really know the culture and the kernel of truth in each story makes their stories all the more funny for me. I no longer live in the Maritimes and hearing these guys makes me so nostalgic for what I will always consider “home”. Great stuff Guys. Great Great stuff.

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