Take’er, Johnson (2006)




Make ‘N’ Break Hornpipe
Ladies in the Center
Homeward Bound
Take the Old Squeeze Box
Fishermen’s Favorite
The Hillside In September (Hector’s Tune) [lyrics]
My Only Sweetheart
Girl I Left Behind Me/Down Among the Rushes O
Uncle Tim’s Two Stepper/ Rock the Rodney
Flowers of Strabane/Brother’s Jig
An Islander’s Lament
Little Silver Curl/ Dan Malone
Left Handed Reel
Joy of Quebec
Lake Saint John Reel
Pop the Rivets
Woodchopper’s Breakdown / Fisher’s Hornpipe
The Cork Hornpipe & Boys of Blue Hills
Leaving Your Love (Melody)
Jesse Collins’ Slipway
Why Not Johnny / Phil Murphy
Blarney Stone / Somewhere in Ireland


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