The Whipper Snipper (2004)




The Whipper Snipper Comedy CD”. It contains 11 pieces of spoken comedy (skits, jokes, monologues, stories, recitations) and two songs.

All this material was recorded live at The St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre during the Up Boot and The Shed Tours. You won’t want to miss purchasing a few copies of those comedic gems.

The Parrot Joke (An old joke dramatized by the trio)
The Time (A recitation by Ray)
The Bull Rider (Wayne interviews world famous, Chuck Skyward)
Right (A wife bashing rant by Buddy)
Wayne’s Stories (Two comedic anecdotes – probably true)
The Flight Attendant (Buddy does a Flight Attendant on Air NFLD)
The Grub Sketch (Uncle George & Aunt Sally talk about food)
Wonderful Powerful Drugs (You just gotta hear it!)
Baach (Buddy’s lecture on the life of Johann Sebastian Baach)
Spring (A Buddy ode to love)
The Townie Politician (Wayne picks the brain of Dicky Shea)
The Lipper’s Lament (A recitation by Ray)
The Whipper Snipper Joke (The biggest blast of laughter we ever got!)


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