Thanks Again .. McMurray & Grande Prairie …

The oil gods once again allowed us to invade northern Alberta, do a bunch of shows and get home safe and sound. We’re just freshly back; as a matter of fact we haven’t got all the oily mud scraped from the boots yet. Some state under foot up there, I tell you.

We had a wicket, old time and there are many people to thank.

Thanks ever so much to the staff at Keyano Theatre and the Douglas J Cardinal Theatre for so capably looking out to us. We are always made to feel so welcome at those venues. Special thanks to Robert Palmenter in Ft Mac for handling and selling our merchandise and generally looking out to us. To Donny Synard, for entertaining me for an afternoon, offering me six pickup trucks and telling me all about his band’s rock recording of Saltwater Joys… thanks, man. We’re all waiting for the album release. Jose and the staff at Clearwater made sure our stay was top notch. And a very special thanks to Mark and the staff at the Podollan Inn and Spa in GP for the royal treatment. Kimmy and the servers at Jax eatery stuffed and entertained us in superb fashion (you can see a video of Buddy with Kimmy on our Facebook Group Site).  Well, I mean, a sizable portion of the staff there are Newfs so how could we not feel at home. A great hotel, indeed.

Of course we can’t forget the fans who filled the seats. You’re amazing. A lot of people drove from Northern BC to see our show in GP. And remember, this is March. We appreciate your loyality and will do our best to hold on to it.

We ran out of merchandise in Ft Mac so for those of you in need of dvds , cds and books  you can purchase from HMV and Coles in Peter Pond Mall.

As for the rest of Alberta, we’ll be back in October for a more extensive tour. Check out the Tourdates on the site for details.

Oh, also we want more members on our Buddywasisname Facebook group site. 15,000 is not near enough.