Recorded by: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
Written by: Ray Johnson, Kevin Blackmore and Wayne Chaulk


Arse farts!

Now in that song…

Arse farts!

No, arse farts wasn’t in that song!

No, no, but they didn’t stick it in the dictionary either.

No, that’s what I mean.

Which dictionary are you talking about?

The Newfoundland dictionary old dear!

Oh, that one.

Arse farts

Sure they didn’t stick half the words in there Kevin!

Well there’s a good many they didn’t stick in the dictionary, Isn’t there b’y
Wha, S .W .I .T., Sweat

Not in the Newfoundland dictionary

O. M. E. N. E. R. F. S., Oh me nerves

Not in the dictionary

Most basic and fundamental word that they should have had in the Newfoundland dictionary was “How ya gettin on cocky?”

They missed it!

I mean, when I steps off the ferry in Port Aux Basques
There’s always someone who says, “How ya gettin on buddy?”
Poor buddy from Toronto, fellow comes along and says, “How ya gettin on buddy?”
Buddy said, “I got my ticket; I’m going to walk right on up over the ramp.”
That’s not exactly what he meant by, “How ya gettin on cocky?”
There’s a totally different interpretation, you take

“How you gettin on buddy?”

“Alright b’y and yourself?”

“Where you from?”


“Ya, Yes b’y, what’s your name?”


“Ya, yes b’y, I knows you!”

“Go on! ”

“Yes b’y I knows you, I knows your father!”

“Go on!”

“Yes b’y, I knows your father, hold on, hold on, don’t tell me, don’t tell me, your father, your father, ah ah, ah Mr. Genge from Glovertown right?”

“Right on b’y put her there”

“No no no no no, knows your mother too”

“Go on”

“Yes b’y, I knows your mother, your mother, don’t tell me, your mother married Mr. Genge, Mrs. Genge from Glovertown right?”

“Right on buddy put her there!”

“No, hold on, no, no, no, I knows you”

“Go on”

“Yes b’y I knows you, you’re Ned Genge from Glovertown”

“How you know that?”

“You just told me”

“Wha you say?”

“How you going to look up that in the Newfoundland dictionary?”

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