Buddy Wasisname And The Other Fellers are coming to town. Should you make the right choice and come to a show, here’s what you’ll experience.

An American tourist flying along the TCH with a stuck accelerator calls 911 and gets a cranky Shirley Tetford.

Buddy, accompanying himself on a snare drum performs an unforgettable version of a tender boyhood love song.

Ray Johnson premieres a new 6 verse version of Bud Davidge’s Outport People.

You’ll take a trip to the limits of rhyme as old timers Lou and Stu catch up on what’s new.

There’ll be a Buddy recitation about the battle of wills between squirrel and dog.

Gander Bay sex symbol is a rapper named Ralph. The women love him. What does Ralphie love? “I’m a saltwater duck man myself, ‘aye.

The Kelligrew’s Soiree gets a 100th anniversary update.

Song topics include:

Fighting in hockey, the joys of grandfatherhood, the perils of sleeping at the foot of the bed, and truck baby-sitting wives of Ft McMurray workers.

That’s the new stuff.

As always there will be a reprise of some of the classics.