We are nicely recovered from our McMurray shows and ready to buggy again. What a great trip it was though. The audiences were wild and appreciative of our new show, the staff at Keyano went out of their way to keep us happy and wherever we went there were shouts of “how’s it going, by’s?” Buddy really should run for mayor!

For seven days there was not a cloud which meant many sunny walks along the Clear water River with flying snowmobiles and dirt bikes whizzing past us. I guess the boys have to have some fun. They got to do something with their money.

Thanks to all who treated us so well. Lana, for the great ‘Level’ meal. Robert, for the massive jigs/turkey dinner and merch sales. Michelle, for the perfect KAOS interview. Adam Walsh & CBC crew for tidy little shoot. Cal King, for Ray’s bus tour. And all the dear souls we chatted with throughout the week. It’s always so easy doing ‘Mac’. We’re going back in March, 2013 – if there’s ‘ar bit of life left in us.

Right now we’re gearing up to take off on April 28 for Ontario, Alberta and BC for another 8 show assault. Check out our schedule. Probably a few tickets left.

Cheers to all.