We’re pleased to report that all three of us (and Byron) have survived the rigors of 36 shows between Sept 10th and November 20th. To the people of Clarenville, Lab West, Goose Bay, St.John’s, Stephenville, Corner Brook, Gander and GFW we respectfully thank and salute you. Nineteen thousand people stuck their bums in seats, wiped their eyes, sang along and seemingly enjoyed our humble offerings. Though we’ve been doing this for 29 years we are still hugely appreciative of your support.

Thank you to the venue managers (Ellen, Kathleen, Aiden, Wanda, Karen, Robert, Brian and Frazer) and their staffs for making it a joyfull experience for us. We truly have the best theatre system in the country and this comes from guys who have played them all.

We are now on an extended break before launching out and taking John and Marg, The Distant Drummer, Psycho, The Rhyming Old Timers, Johnny Whimple, The Rappers and some clever tunes and ditties to the rest of the country. After all those years we’re srill excited about this. What’s going on, at all?? It’s probably ’cause we’re too stunned to stop. Wicket.

So, enjoy the Christmas season but don’t blow yourselves up on grub and drown yourself in booze. Ah, what odds, most of you are going to do that anyhow!!! Just stay out of trouble and be good to each other.

Kiv, Rocky & Chaulkie