IMG_7325Okay. Summer is dwindling, days are getting shorter, and winds are getting harsher. Pretty soon it’ll be cold enough to freeze the arse off you and you’ll all be miserable and suffering the ravages of dark, ugly thoughts. Right? Well don’t despair. This is precisely when Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers come out of hiding, spring into action and resume The Ministry. For three months now we`ve been resting, fishing, scheming, concocting, fishing, biking, practising, fishing and getting ready to hit the road and save souls from gloom and misery. That`s right. We are about to launch out and do a few shows.

We`ve got a couple of conventions in St. John`s (Canadian Pensions & Benefits and NAPE). That should be a laugh. Also we`re off to Barrie, Ontario for a comedy festival show at The Georgian Theatre. After that we`re doing 6 shows at Keyano Theatre in Fort McMurray. They are billing us as the group that has sold more tickets in that town than any other act. Cool or what! Certainly seems like a lifetime since we starting playing up there. On the way back we`re going to crash land in Grande Prairie and do a couple of shows. Oh, and we might just do a couple of shows in Clarenville before Christmas.

So not a heavy touring schedule for the fall but still enough missionary work to get a bit of cash and bring light and laughter to the fortunate and wise souls who snarf up the tickets.

Followers of `The Buddy Word` should also note that some of our cds are now available on iTunes. Check it out and stogg your little devices right tight with our songs and foolishness. Remember Buddy can only help those who help themselves. It`s got to go in your ears if you wants to see the light, hey b’y? Deep or what? See all ye fortunate ones soon!