So, what’s new with us? Okay, we are proud to announce that we’ve survived 17 shows on the mainland. And get this, audiences increased in every venue over last time through. Yahoo! Do you know what this means? It means that we intend to continue with our fun, folly and foolishness for a bit longer. You see we always said that we’d quit if (a) the wives kept us home, (b) we dropped dead, (c) people stopped coming out to our shows or (d) that Kevin’s face seized up. Neither of these has happened yet so we’ll stay in the saddle a bit longer.

This year will mark our 30th year. Wicked or what? As a result of this milestone we’ve decided to call the upcoming tour 30 years! Let’s face it, if you survived 30 years in the music industry in Newfoundland you deserve to signify it in some way, right? We figured we’d let people know so that that they can say, “Boys, how stunned are you at all?”

Oh well, Willie Nelson is still at it so I guess you don’t have to be pretty.

We also decided to include a few more old favorites in the new show which will begin in February through the Arts & Culture Centers. So, if you have any suggestions, now’s the time to contact us and let us know.

In addition to all our CDS and DVDS we’ll be carrying our new Gotta Get Me Moose, B’y and Saltwater Joys books as well as a brand new DVD called, LAFFYERARSEOFF.
So b’ys, things are good with we. An old feller said to us awhile back, “Is ya’s still goin’ aroun’”. Well I guess we’re proud to say that there’s still a lot of fun to be had yet.

Take care and spread the word for us. That way we’ll have to spend a lot less money on radio, newspapers and TV … and that’ll make us some ‘appy!