We have successfully performed for the ’buddy’ troops in Gander and St. John’s. We had a marvelous time in the capital, I must say. In addition to our 9 shows we went to Bishops College and spoke to and entertained a group of students. Thanks to students and staff for welcoming us and providing us with a dandy lunch. The principal, Bridget, was a student of ours years ago; so good to see her.

At St Matthews Elementary we were part of a celebratory assembly to mark the end of a fundraiser where the school and the Rotary Club raised enough money to put running water and sanitation services in a school in Malawi, Africa. Cool or what? The teachers and students are to be commended for such a noble charitable effort. We performed Freshwater Joys, a song written for the occasion with the school Glee Club.

We did interviews with NTV, MUN Radio and Oz FM and a photo shoot for the cover of the Rolling Herald.

The shows were awesome, 95% sold out and memorable for applause, singing and laugher. We couldn’t ask for better really; some fortunate we are. One woman said she’d “never been to a church service like that before”. Ha.

And Gander, wow, what a time we had there. At the six shows we had loads of people from little towns all around. I spoke to people from Canning’s Cove, Little Heart’s Ease, Tilting, Twillingate and several others places. It makes us a bit nervous actually to know that a lot of fans have to drive long distances over freaky roads to get back home. During the shows and during the afternoons we finished recording a CD which will be released possibly in the fall. Tentatively it will be called, Wringerout and will contain loads of live comedy plus several tracks from Laffyerarseoff. It’s always very special playing Gander because of all the friends from Glovertown who come and so strongly support us. As you know, Kevin lives there, and Ray and I taught there. It’s also where the band got its start.

So, a very big thank you to management and staff at both centers and to the droves that came out to hear the word of Ralphie!

We are now resting, restoring and readying ourselves for the west coast onslaught of Corner Brook and Stephenville next week. After that we get a big 6 day break before invading Ontario. The lilacs will be in bloom by then … praise Ralphie!