We’re just back from Alberta with feet solidly on the ground and now waiting for all parts of us to arrive. That’s what it feels like, really. The body arrives but it takes a day or two for all functions to catch up. I’m sure the hordes of ‘ turn around people’ people know all about it.

Yea, it was a great trip; smooth as they come. Many thanks to the hordes of people who came out to see us. Lordy, how long is this going to keep up, at all? We always said that we will continue as long as our health lasted and people continued to fill the theatres, but thirty years … that’s crazy. We are grateful and very appreciative. That’s why we try like hell to give ‘er everything we got.
Thanks to everyone we encountered on the 12 day tour. You all treated us so well. Let’s see … managers, ushers, merchandise people, techies, drivers, radio people, hotel staff and management, and those who took us out to meals and made us feel special. Thanks to you all.

It was also such a pleasure to see all of those familiar faces from our home towns lined up on the back wall of the lobby and patiently waiting for us to sign, take snaps and talk to fans. They know they’re special and they’re not interested in our names on a piece of paper. They want a little piece of home – a story, a joke, a tidbit of information, a bit of news, a hand shake, a hug. Thanks to you for waiting it out even though most of you have to get up at 3:15am to head to work.

I’m also pleased to announce that Kevin and I survived our first hockey game of the year. It was played the first night back. Despite missing the first five games of the season we hung in there. A few bad passes, a few falls and many stunned arse plays but for the most part we made it through. She’ll be perfect from now on! Thanks to our buddies for taking it relatively easy on us.
Cheers to all.