The good old capital city gave us a fine welcome indeed. We just finished 10 shows which were just about all sold out and, man, it was fun. We’re pretty tickled with the response. It means that all the stuff we came up with for the new  ‘Nar Name tour works so we don’t have to scramble and come up with substitute pieces for the failed ones … yahoo! The Cell Phone sketch (John & Marg), The Buddy Drummer piece, the rap song (Googlized), The Oldtime Rhymers Foolishness, The Sleepers Waltz and all the songs and tunes seemed to do the job nicely.

I mean, how do we know what’s going to work until we put it on stage. We’re just 3 fools with our heads in a strange place coming up with stuff that crumples us. But it’s not until we do a few shows to test drive the stuff do we find out if it works or not. At this point all three of us are feeling pretty good about the Labrador and St. John’s response to the new show.

So get ready Gander, St’ville, Corner Brook, Grand Falls/Windsor … we’re coming to finish up the NL & Lab leg of this 18 month tour before invading the rest of the country in the new year. Now, please don’t call St. John’s and order the unused projectile fruit and stuff; we’re really hoping and thinking that you won’t need it.

Take a look at the snaps from the St. John’s show.